Quintessa Wineries  |  Quintessa Label
Mamma Chia Beverages  |  Identity and Packaging Line*
Kaulua Chocolate Hawaiian Company  |  Identity and Chocolate Bar Packaging*
VCG Kestral  |  Castillo Rioja Label Design
UCLA Health, Revive Cafe  |  Identity and Application
VuRyte  |  StudioScape Packaging*
Luna Roasters Gourmet Coffee & Tea  |  Coffee Packaging*
VCG Kestral  |  Ora Label Design
Now Bakery  |  Cookie Packaging Line*
Pepsi Cola Company  |  Soft Drink Packaging*
Razor  |  Ripstik Line Box Design*
VCG Kestral  |  Everybody Packaging Line
Encore  |  Kid's Craze Packaging Line
*Created while employed at Evenson Design Group. Images courtesy of Evenson Design Group.